About Us


Disabled children are at the heart of everything we do.

The Helping Disabilities Trust was established in 2018 with the goal of easing the burdens of children and young adults living with disability. 

The children we support suffer from a range of disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy & cognitive impairment. They battle chronic pain on a daily basis, have trouble with basic tasks and long to be socially included.

Through our free lending library, we help disabled children and their families access expensive and specialized therapeutic toys and equipment without the prohibitive costs involved. The equipment we provide are designed to ease their pain, enhance important skills and reduce the load of their caregivers.

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Our impact

Hear our story.

Wheelchair for disabled people

“My home is calmer… my mind is clearer and my child is so much happier!”

“Sara’s Occupational Therapist recommended the Bubble Tube to give Sara sensory stimulation and to help her calm down from her frequent outbursts. But it was just way beyond our budget.

 When the Helping Disabilities Trust offered to lend us the Bubble Tube on free loan, we were overjoyed! 

In the two months it has been with us, it has already been hugely beneficial to Sara and she really enjoys it. Since her vision is so poor, Sara cannot be left on her own very often. The Bubble Tube is one of the very few things she that keeps her busy and safe… it’s really priceless!

The Tube has a switch that teaches her about cause and effect and the vibrations relax her when she’s distressed. In fact, it has had an even bigger and better impact on family life than we ever expected. My home is calmer with the Bubble Tube around. My mind is clearer and my child is so much happier. Thank you HD!

Sara, Mum of 8-year-old Sara, diagnosed with ASD and vision impairment.


We believe that disabled children and their families should not continuously meet barriers when trying to access necessary equipment.


Inclusiveness is at our core. We are committed to answering the needs of ALL disabled children, despite costs or special requirements.


We dream of the day when caregivers do not think twice about getting the equipment that will ease their burdens.

Figures that speak for themselves

of families report that the specialised equipment improved relationships at home.
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of parents gained a better understanding of their child’s needs.
0 %
enjoyed quality time as a family through play with appropriate toys.
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There are hundreds of children still waiting for specialised equipment that will change their lives.

You can answer their call.