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“Every child, a world unto themselves.”

At Helping Disabilities, every story we hear, gives us a glimpse into one child’s life – their families, their dreams, their difficulties.

Our aim is to be there, as best as we can, for every disabled child that comes our way, making their impossible, more possible

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“Tara has Autism. Due to her limited communication, it’s hard to understand her when she’s frustrated, and her meltdowns are becoming more and more frequent.

I have seen her therapist use the Resonance Rocker which works magic in calming Tara down. When I applied to the Helping Disabilities Trust for this piece of equipment, I didn’t dare to put my hopes up… That’s why, when the news came that the equipment was ready, I was overjoyed!

I cannot describe what a difference having this item at home makes to Tara and our entire family. Her meltdowns used to leave us all shaken. Now, thanks to the Resonance Rocker, she is much calmer, relaxed and easier to deal with.”

Sara, Mum of Tara, age 5.
LGBT family - Happy children sons and fathers having fun swinging on swing at city park


Sunita was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Hypotonia (low muscle tone) when he was only a few months old. Since then, we have been doing everything we can to help him strengthen his muscles and improve his walking.

Recently, his physiotherapist recommended specific exercises done on a trampoline to strengthen his muscles and improve his overall balance. It sounded like a very promising route to take, especially since Leon loves trampolines and will most likely cooperate best in such a setting.

After looking into the options available, an in-ground trampoline was voted as the safest option, but also the most expensive.
We therefore reached out to Helping Disabilities for help in obtaining this expensive piece of equipment for Leon.
We were delighted and surprised when a few months later, the charity got back to us saying that they found a sponsor.

This has been a dream come true for Leon who has been enjoying his trampoline thoroughly! Thank You HD for making this happen.

Parents of Sunita, age 11.
skills development toy with disabled child


“Andrew’s special adapted trike loaned by Helping Disabilities has given him a real sense of freedom.

Due to his CBLC disease, Andrew suffers from lower limb weakness and walking difficulties, limiting his outdoor exercise and social opportunities. The adapted trike gives Andrew a sense of inclusion as he rides through the park with his friends – feeling on top of the world! Our family outings are now complete giving us the chance to do family bike-rides, without leaving him to the side.

It never fails to amaze me how much he is truly able to do despite his CBLC disease, if only he is given the chance…

Jonathan, Dad of Andrew, age 16
Disabled school girl on wheelchair holding a book in classroom


‘’Leon, was diagnosed with vision impairment when she was 2 years old.

At the time, we felt so alone and anxious about her future…

Now thanks to organisations like the Helping Disabilities Trust, we feel less lost and better supported. Leon now has a safe sensory area at home with her Fibre Optic Kit and Sound panel. It relaxes her and makes her forget about her pain. We will be forever grateful to you for changing our lives…’’

Parents of Leon, age 5.

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