Request Equipment

Getting the right equipment for your child is easy:

Follow our straightforward 4-part process:

STEP 1: Contact us to check that you are eligible to apply

It’s strongly recommended that you email us at first, so that we can explain the application process in detail and offer you the best possible advice and guidance.

You can also check eligibility criteria and find the answers to other questions you may have on our FAQs section.

Once we’ve confirmed that you/your child meets our application criteria, we recommend requesting a professional reference letter from your child’s:

Please note we are unable to accept professional reference letters from GPs.

After the phone call, we will send you the initial Eligibility form by post, which you can then complete and send back to us with the relevant documents.

STEP 2: Choose a program and complete an application form.

As soon as you receive your eligibility, your next step is to choose a program and complete the relevant application form. You could then also request in-home support for the equipment.

Applications can be done online via the application links we send you by email once you are found eligible.

Equipped and Enabled

Try before you buy

aiding one more

musical moments

STEP 3: Application result:

If your application is successful, you’ll receive a letter confirming the amount you have been awarded towards your chosen equipment.

Due to high demand and limited finances, we are unfortunately not always able to respond with a positive result to every application received. We suggest that applicants try other channels for receiving support for this equipment as well. Our support team would be happy to advise you on other options.

STEP 4: Enjoy a brighter future!

When the equipment arrives we hope you/your child will enjoy the benefits it brings to your home.

We kindly ask that you let us know when it’s been delivered and we always love to see photos and videos of you enjoying it!

You can apply for new equipment, should you require it, once every 4 months (depending on the program.) You could see more details here.

If you have any questions about the application process and how we help, please do not hesitate to call us on 020 7585 5556. You may also find the answer on our FAQs page.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can make one application for each program at any one time.

It depends on the program. For the “Try Before You Buy” and “Equipped and Enabled” Programs, you can only re-apply once every three months. For “Musical Moments,” it’s once every five months. With “Aiding one More,” you can apply once every 12 months.

We abide fully to the Data Protection Laws which protects your full details, preventing us from sharing them further. Since confidentiality and respect to privacy are core features at Helping Disabilities, we will rarely ask your permission for sharing images/ details of how we helped your child, other than for some rare exceptional circumstances. You reserve the full right to decline your permission in these cases.

Sometimes, you are found to be ineligible due to your application missing some important information/ the required documents. In these cases, we will usually inform you what you are missing and explain how you can reapply. At other times, your child’s difficulties may not be considered a disability under the Disability Act In which case we strongly recommend that you look into other channels for support.

You can attempt to re-apply (within the appropriate timeframes.) We suggest that if your request was rejected more than twice, you reach out to talk about your application with our team before trying again.

Still not sure?

Our support team is readily available to answer any questions you may have and to help you choose the best equipment for your child.

For more details: