Our Services

our Services

At the Helping Disabilities Trust, our users can choose to benefit from one of our service programs, or opt for all four.
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Equipped and Enabled

Try before you buy

aiding one more

musical moments

Equipped and Enabled

Project “Equipped and Enabled” is our most sought after program where parents of disabled children request a specific piece of equipment for their child. They are then able to borrow that equipment on free-loan from our lending library.  

Some of the equipment we already have as part of this program include: Musical Squares, Bubble Tubes, Resonance Rockers, Sandboxes, Swing Seats, LED Ball Pools, Roller Tunnels, Adapted Trikes and Waterbeds, etc. As more demand pours in from parents, our Library continues to expand and more children are able to benefit from this service.

We also offer in-home support where our volunteers can help our users set up the equipment at home and learn how to use it safely with their child.


Try Before You Buy

Parents of disabled children are sometimes unsure whether or not to purchase a specific piece of expensive equipment for their child. Some specialized items are a big investment and parents are not always sure if the cost is worth the benefits. Our “Try before you Buy” program enables parents to try the equipment at home for a short period of time, at no cost to themselves. During this time, parents can come to a more informed decision about whether or not to purchase the equipment.
Typical Lending Time: 2-3 months. (After which parents can try another piece of equipment if necessary.)

Amani’s parents were recommended by their physiotherapist to get him an adapted trike.
Since the cost of this item was well over the £1000 range, Amani’s parents reached out to Helping Disabilities with a request to try the equipment at home for two months.
During those two months, Amani’s parents saw how delighted Amani was with the bike. They also noticed how his muscles were being strengthened and came to the decision to buy the bike. They are forever grateful to Helping Disabilities for helping them come to this informed conclusion.

Aiding One more

For some families, purchasing equipment for their disabled child does not. fit. their. budget.
Sometimes, parents need to purchase important equipment such as a specialised wheelchair, an adapted buggy, or a Gantry Hoist for their child.
These pieces of equipment are more essentials than luxury, but their associated costs makes it difficult for caregivers to afford them.
As part of our “Aiding One More” program, parents can apply for assistance when purchasing necessary equipment. We do our best to honour every request.

Terms of application: Parents can apply for this program once every 12 months.

Nicole suffered brain damage as a child in a bad road accident that nearly took her life. The accident left her scarred with limited function and severe cognitive impairment. Nicole’s parents are in desperate need of a powered wheelchair to help Nicole, now age 8, have more independence and mobility.

The exorbitant costs of this wheelchair, however (over £6,000,) puts Nicole’s parents in a difficult position.
On the one hand, this wheelchair is a necessity. On the other hand, they really cannot afford to spend this money.

Nicole’s parents have reached out to Helping Disabilities for help in raising these costs.
So far, we have helped them raise a third. We are still working hard to present them with the full amount soon.

Musical Moments

As is typical for children with special-needs, many of our users possess a uniquely deep connection to music. Music calms them, it helps them self-soothe and express difficult emotions in a healthy manner. Especially for non-verbal children, music becomes their language when words fail them and they are often able to talk through their emotions via a musical instrument.

Oftentimes, when parents are dealing with behavioural issues of their child, the use of music can transform them. Even after a short stint at a musical instrument, they emerge calm, happy and satisfied – a far cry from the wild and uncooperative behaviour they were displaying before.

Our “Musical Moments” project allows disabled children to access unique pieces of musical equipment on free-loan for leisure, learning and emotional stability. Some of the equipment we already have are: Sound and Light Panels, a ROMPA Interactive Sound System, Music Box sets, Giant Piano Mats and Dream Drums.

Lending Time: Typical lending time for this service is between three-five months, after which parents have the option to request a different piece of equipment or extend the loan for an additional round.
Think your child is a good fit for this program?